ARBS sculptor
g a r d e n  s c u l p t u r e
'Avocado' (clunch) 34 x 25cm
'Claydon Sculpture' (lead Resin) Height 1m. 90cm Water wells-up (rather than spouts) from the raised cup and flows down the arms and shoulders into the pond. This sculpture is positioned at the lowest level of a series of waterfalls and fountains.
'Green Piece' (bronze) Height 1m. 25cm Cast bronze on black marble base - four and a half feet high. In a National Trust-owned garden.
'Water Formed' (bronze resin) Height 80cm In bronze resin.
'Unity' (bath limestone) Height 1m. 90cm 'Unity' stands well over six foot high. It was carved from a one-and-a-half ton block of Bath stone.
'Fish' (duroc) Length 75cm each
'Breeze' (bronze) Height 45cm
'Abstract 4' (portland limestone) Height 45cm
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